Late Enrollment will start on June 13 and will end on July 31, 2019. Enrollees will be accommodated every Monday to Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM. Only 150 students will be entertained everyday (for Old Students only). Students will need to get their enrollment stubs from the OPSS assigned during the day (Guard House). All stubs shall be presented to each station, namely:

  1. Assessment – Accounting Office
  2. Payment – Accounting Office, Cashier Area
  3. Payroll Signing – MIS Center
  4. Registration Form printing / Stamping of ‘Officially Enrolled’ – MIS Center

Each enrollment stub will be valid for the day itself. 

*For the schedule of June 17 up to June 21 (highlighted as light blue in the calendar above), a total of 200 students will be accomodated (50 BS Accountancy Freshmen + 150 Old Students). BSA Freshmen will not need an enrollment stub, for they will be automatically transacted, but they must attend on their appointed schedule. Click here to view the Appointment Schedule for BSA Freshmen.


The procedures and schedule above may change without prior notice.