NOTICE: This post has been updated as of July 3, 2019.

For those incoming freshmen who were scheduled to enroll last May 2019, but were not able to appear on the date of their schedule may now register for the First Semester, 2019-2020. All students from programs who have yet to enroll may now proceed. Your enrollment will start on July 3 (Wednesday) until July 31.


Please take time to read through the reminders and procedures below.


  • FIRST BATCH ONLY. For Second Batch passers and students who appealed, please wait for further announcement with regards to your voucher distribution and enrollment.
  • For those students that are listed below, please wait until July 2 before accessing your Student Portal.
    1. Have encountered blank Assessment and Registration form
    2. Changed their program
  • Please prepare one (1) copy of Assessment Form on A4 sized, 70 gsm paper. You may print the form in grayscale/black and white. For strict compliance.
  • Please prepare three (3) copy of Registration Form on A4 sized, 70 gsm paper. You may print the form in grayscale/black and white. For strict compliance.
  • Those who failed to comply with the paper size and thickness will be instructed to have their Assessment Form and Registration Form re-printed outside the school.
  • Please be informed that those who cannot personally come for the enrollment may ask someone; preferably a family member or a trusted person to enroll him/her. The following requirements must be presented:
    1. Authorization letter, signed by the enrollee
    2. Photocopy of the enrollee’s ID
    3. Valid ID of person who will act on behalf of the enrollee
  • Enrollees will be accommodated every Monday to Friday from 8 AM until 5 PM.
  • NO VOUCHER, NO ENROLLMENT (for students classified by Admission Office as ‘Marikina Resident’).



  1. Please get an Enrollment Stub from the OPSS assigned (Guard House). A total of 150 students will be entertained everyday (Freshmen and Old Students). The stub shall be presented to all stations involved for the enrollment process.
  2. Proceed to Accounting Office (GH Campus, Building A, Room 104). Present your Enrollment Stub, printed Assessment Form and Voucher (if Marikina Resident).
  3. Proceed to the Cashier area for Payment. Present your Assessment Form, Order of Payment and Voucher (if Marikina Resident). Make sure you received your Official Receipt before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Proceed to the MIS Center (GH Campus, Building B, Room 301). Present your Enrollment Stub, Acceptance Letter, Assessment Form, Order of Payment, Voucher (if Marikina Resident), and printed three (3) copies of Registration Form
  5.  Pay CSG Membership Fee (near MIS Center). Present your Registration Form.
  6.  Lastly, Proceed to Registrar Office (GH Campus, Building B, Room 204) for stamping of ‘Officially Enrolled’. Present all your enrollment documents.
  7. Don’t forget to settle your Medical Requirements at the University Clinic:
    1. Chest X-Ray (Taken 2019), Original and 1 Photocopy
    2. Medical Form (at Clinic, SSS Campus, Room 202A)
    3. 1 x 1 picture (Latest)

    Please submit these requirements on or before July 31, 2019 at SSS Campus, Room 202A

Please be guided accordingly.