Important Information for Students Regarding Faculty Evaluations

1. Be sure to evaluate the correct instructor/course when completing your electronic evaluation. It is not possible to change or retract your evaluation once it is electronically submitted.

2. Be honest and objective in evaluating your instructor/course. The results of this survey will be used to help improve the university’s academic operations.

3. When typing your Comments or Suggestions, please use appropriate words. Refrain from obscenity or profanity.

4. Your answers to this survey are anonymous and confidential. Once responses are stored in the secure database, they are no longer connected to your identity.

5. No individual can and will be able to manipulate the results that will be generated by this survey.


5 4 3 2 1

Consistently Evident

Very Evident during throughout the class Evident during most, but not all, of the class session Evident during a limited portion of the class session Not evident to any degree during the class session
Outstanding Very Satisfactory Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Very Unsatisfactory
5.00 – 4.75 4.74 – 3.55 3.54 – 2.37 2.36 – 1.19 1.18 – 1.00


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